We are awesome

We’re a software app design and development agency that makes sure quality is not a choice but rather a “must have”. We’re not just coders, we try hard to understand your requirements and craft the exact app to your needs. We have a mix of technical skills, creative thinking and human-centric approach.

We are innovative

We spend hundreds of hours discussing and brainstorming innovative ideas for new applications. We mainly target Kurdish audience both in Kurdistan and Kurds in the diaspora. We also focus on people who are interested in learning Kurdish language and its rich culture.

We are evolving

Modern apps are not built to just automate a routine task. Now, the focus is to make them smart so that they can understand logic and improve on their own capabilities. We will now be using predictive insights to offer smart services to the consumer based on their upcoming requirements. This will be feasible because of the combined advancement in cloud applications and big data analysis.